If you have a number of files to send, remember the maximum number of entries is 12, then you can zip them up and send them.

First make sure all the files you want to send are in the same folder, select them all then right click and click Send to and select Compressed (Zipped) Folder

This will add the files to a folder, usually named after the last file you add, but you can change it.

And so once you have the zip folder you can send it to Hellen. We use a website called Mailbigfile which we have used for sendin Janet & John files before!

Go to

Select the free option and click use now.

On the next scree click Add Files:

Select the zip file you created in the folder and click open

Fill in Hellen’s email address and yours, and you can add a message by clicking on the + sign.

Then press Send File, and your file will be on its way to Hellen