A very big THANK YOU to Entertainment One, for allowing this to happen and to MAILBIGFILE for being so helpful and efficient dealing with so many files and a bunch of TOGs. REMEMBER TO BACK UP YOUR FILES!

We raised over £130,000 for BBC Children in Need from the sale of these downloads. Thank you Sir Terry for all the laughs.... we miss you.

The Janet and John Downloads have been made possible by the generous cooperation of Entertainment One who own the rights to the original Janet and John Books that we all read from at school. We thank them for their help.

The downloads will be emailed as a Zip File (one for each Volume Purchased), for you to download to your computer. These remain the copyright of BBC/Charity Goods, and we would politely ask that you do not share these with others.

A minimum of £6.50 will go to the BBC Children in Need appeal for each Volume sold. I will clarify the actual amount, once we have seen what the PayPal and Big Files charges are.


Step 1 – Create a folder.

Start by creating a folder on your desktop, or somewhere where you will be able to find it. In Windows 10: Right Click on the Desktop – Select “New” and “Folder”

When the new folder opens:  Type the name Janet & John Volume 1 – or whichever Volume you have purchased.

Step 2 – Downloading the Zip File from the email.

Now go to the email that you received about the Janet & John Download, Double Click on the email

Click the Download (Cloud Icon) then on the next screen “Download File”

This will start the download and depending on which version of Windows you are using, it will appear on the bottom left of the browser, or it will go into the downloads folder.

Step 3 – Extracting Files from the Zip.

Whichever way you go, you should find the ZIP File Janet & John Vol 1 (or whichever you downloaded)

Double Click the Zip Folder Icon and the next screen will appear.

Again, depending on your Windows System, the “Extract All” will be in a different place, and may just be text at the top of the folder. Click on this.

Click Browse and find the Desktop. And the folder you created. (Or folder elsewhere you set up)

Click on the Folder and then click on Select Folder

Click “Extract”

Step 4 – Play the tracks!

Once the files have been Extracted, your folder will open with the files in place. You can now join the hundreds of thousands who have already enjoyed listening to these tales, but be prepared if the children ask awkward questions! 

For more comprehensive instructions with picture - CLICK HERE