Gill will be met from work by a handsome man called Captain Jack who will whisk her off on a beautiful Chestnut horse.....up, up in the sky she will travel until she comes to a 'police phone box' and waiting for her is the gorgeous Dr (David Tennant) Who. They get into the Tardis and off the go.....first to the future to see 'Jethro' an earthly comic who was appearing at Newquay on 21st Feb, enjoying some lovely chocoates and champagne and the Doctor being most attentive.....after the show they enjoyed a walk with the Dr's puppy. Back in the Tardis they came back to the present the Dr left Gill at the bus stop where she saw a Cyberman.....but Captain Jack rescued Gill and took her safely back home.....where she woke on Christmas day to find..she was on a yacht with a beautiful dalmation pup.