The email system, we use can accept fairly large photos, but be aware your system might not allow them to be sent. Hellen has said photos should be of good quality, if the file size is 1Mb or higher this should be the case.

Sending a single file

You can usually send a single file by email without any problems. I will show you how to attach a file to an email.

First save the file from your camera into a folder on the PC, make sure you know which folder it is in.

I’m using Outlook to demonstrate but most email systems should operate in the same way. Open a new email, add as the recipient and put PHOTO COMPETITION in the subject:

Next, click the attach file icon (yours may be different):

When to box opens, search for your photo and click on it and click “Insert” (might say “Open”)

With the photo attached, you can now write a message to Hellen about the photo, or anything you like, and press send!

Simple as that, and that’s your picture winging its way to Hellen! 😊