The Radio 2 Janet and John Stories - Volume 2 - Reloaded

 Volume 2 was a two CD set, and you will be sent 2 files when you purchase this  Volume. The first part is the usual Janet & John misadventures, and on the bonus  part there is a song recorded especially by Beth Nielsen Chapman, some news  capers by Ken Bruce, a "Fight The Flab" Track, myself talking TOGs and Exotic  Films, the "Accident" from WUTW and my Christmas Panto by Exotic Films Ltd  California.
 Music by Ben Thomas, John Marsh and Alan Boyd.

Track Listing:

Volume 1
1. Introduction by Sir Terry Wogan
2. The Haberdasher's
3. Going To College
4. A Game Of Bridge
5. A Drink After Work
6. The Dog Show
7. The Eurovision Party
8. At The Baker's
9. Piano Lessons
10. John's Haircut
11. The Sweet Shop
12. The Church Organ
13. At The Post Office
14. The Charity Shop
15. Sitting In For Santa
16. Brown Envelopes
17. Chinese New Year
18. John's Organ

Volume 2
1. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child - Beth Nielsen Chapman
2. Ken's News Capers
3. Fighting The Flab
4. Norman Talks TOGs And Exotic Films
5. Pauly's Surprise
6. The Panto