The Radio 2 Janet and John Stories - Volume 3 - The Final Countdown

Volume 3 brings more of John's carrying on, and causing more heartache for the long suffering Janet. There were a few bonus tracks, including a not broadcast track, and The Queen's Alternative Christmas Speech by none other than Sarah Kennedy!

Track Listing:
1. A Message From Janet
2. The Beauty Parlour
3. The Toy Fair
4. Something For The Weekend
5. Janet And John Go To The Park
6. Going To The Theatre
7. John Goes Bird Watching At Springwatch
8. Janet And John Go Into Town
9. A Trip To The Coast
10. The Firework Display
11. Whisky Tasting
12. John Goes Out To Lunch
13. Janet And John Go To The Shoe Shop
14. John Goes To The Office Party
15. John Does Some Housework
16. Decorating

Bonus Tracks
17. 'Twas Christmas Day
18. John Goes To The Boatyard - Never Broadcast
19. The Beauty Parlour Re-visited - Never Broadcast
20. The Queen's Alternative Christmas Speech - Sarah Kennedy