The Radio 2 Janet and John Stories - Volume 5 - Clinging To The Wreckage

  Volume 5 is introduced by none other than the author of these tales of everyday  folk, Mick Sturbs. His genius helped raise over £4Million for BBC Children in Need  with the Janet & John stories, something he should be very proud of. There is a  never broadcast Bonus Track from the Pilot Show for Weekend Wogan, recorded in  the BBC Radio Theatre.
Music "Janet & John Theme" composed by Elio Pace and Adrian Fry, played by  The Elio Pace Band.

Track Listing
1. Intro By Mick Sturbs
2. A Jumble Sale
3. They Go Into Town
4. A Boot Sale
5. The Park
6. The Jeweller's
7. A Cheese And Wine Party
8. A Walk In The Woods
9. The Seaside
10. A Cycle Ride
11. The Delicatessen
12. At The Cafe
13. The Country Show
14. The Doctor's
15. The Corner Shop
16. Lunch With The Producer
17. To The Village
18. At The Office
19. The Car Show

Bonus Track
20. John Runs Some Errands (From the Pilot Show - Never Broadcast)