The Radio 2 Janet and John Stories - Volume 6 - An Audience With

Volume 6 has stories that were included in the live shows at the BBC Radio Theatre in front of the live TOG audience. They include some stories with that other ne'er do well, Alan "Deadly" Dedicoat, who stood in manfully while John was off sick.
Music "Janet & John Theme" composed by Elio Pace and Adrian Fry, played by the Elio Pace Band.

Track Listing
1. The BBQ
2. Shopping In Uckfield
3. By The River
4. Craft Fair
Decorate The Church
6. Clothes Shopping
7. To The Park
8. Music Festival
9. Village Fete
10. John Off Sick
11. Plant Sale
12. Scooter Ride
13. Free Wine Tasting
14. More Shopping In Uckfield
15. Organ Practice