Please register with the organisers, only registered participants will be permitted to take part in this event. Everyone taking part must register individually, even if they are planning to organise or join a Group event.

Group Event – Anyone wishing to organise a Group Event should register as an individual and complete the relevant information on the Registration Form. Once Group Events have been agreed, organisers will notify Team Leaders of participants in their local area who may wish to take part in a Team Event.

If you are using a sponsorship form, it will ask for an amount to be set by your sponsor for completing your bit of the marathon, but please try and collect sponsorship before you do your bit, and have the money ready to send off to the organiser preferably through the BT Donate page, 

You can run or walk any distance as long as you record the distance to enable us to calculate the total distance the TOGs have travelled. If you know when and where you will be taking part, please let us know on the Registration Form.

Please record your run or walk, and send a photo to us at:

TOGs Marathon 2013 organisers, Charity Goods, cannot be held responsible for any injury to the participants of the TOGs Marathon 2017 and in registering for the event you agree that participation is on this basis. Participants taking part in Group Events must also Register individually and accept these rules for participation.