There are really only two rules, one on nudity and one on swear words (See below), but there are certain other things that should be upheld by everyone. Following discussions between the Admins of the site, we have put together the following guidelines to supplement the rules.

This site is meant to be a light hearted and safe place for ALL of the members of the group, obviously there are times of sadness and annoyance that people want to post, and that is quite acceptable, and the support given by TOGs to the people on here is heart warming to say the least. People have emailed us and said how invaluable it is to them in their hour of need, long may that continue.

There is also a great sense of humour here and a great deal of banter back and fore between those TOGs who know each other, and long may we all enjoy a laugh here too.

What is not acceptable are cruel posts and those that may offend others. As I said, there is quite a lot of banter between friends on here, and some gentle rib taking, which has always been taken the right way, with a couple of rare exceptions that have been dealt with sensitively. There have been a lot of posts about sarcasm, and when challenged the posters always use the defence that “my friends like me being sarcastic and respond the same way”. I agree, between good friends, sarcasm can be good fun, but it can also hurt, even your closest friends, so should be very carefully thought about. If people find it such good sport, then why not confine it to your own Facebook page with your friends. Posting comments about sarcasm being great, thinking that what others find hurtful as being funny, and the like, posted on a site of 925 people, aiming it at no one in particular, could be hurtful to some, and has, of late become a little tiresome, as is continually posting pictures with swear words. Continuing to do it on a regular basis, and incurring the displeasure of those in charge, should also be carefully considered, as one day, the patience may well run out!

Finally, we should all consider any postings that may offend decency, or are insensitive, and those that may have graphic content that would offend others. I include in that graphic images of animal cruelty and the like, which really don’t fit in with the ethos of this site.

When a post is removed it is because an admin feels that it breaches our rules, or is not in the spirit of this group, and we would ask you to respect that decision, you can, of course, ask why the post has been removed. If you do not then feel able to respect the decision, you may then wish to leave the group. Members of the group can ask for posts to be removed, and this will be considered, and if there is a genuine reason, the poster will be asked to either modify the post or remove it.

The rules are:

1. No nudity on the site whatsoever – that includes pictures with discreetly placed objects barely covering the essentials, and any suggestive pictures or cartoons.

2. No swear words – There is no need to use them, you can use some minor swear words, but put some asterisks in strategic places, we will all know what you mean. Certain words are obviously not allowed.

Two and a half – please don’t push the boundaries of the rules to see how much you can get away with, if you have to think about posting it, or you start with the words “I hope this doesn't offend”, then don’t post it.

We do not want to take the drastic step of banning anyone from this site, so please respect the rules and wishes of those running this Facebook Group, and please give the respect that everyone here deserves, but if you feel you cannot do that, we will respect your decision to leave.

Hellen Bach, Norman Macintosh, Kelly Sigh, Jules Hayward, Penny Hawkesworth